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As a coach, my primary role is awareness building. During a coaching session, I listen and question, using proven questioning strategies that prompt reflection and insight. In answering these questions clients find perfect-fit solutions to achieve their goals.

The aim of coaching is to activate your inner potential, reveal hidden capabilities, then develop a realistic action plan supported with accountability and follow-up. As an ICF Certified Coach, I am bound by a Code of Ethics and industry standard competencies.

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When switching to the role of mentor, I will directly share my experience and expertise in teaching and school leadership. I offer best practices and specific strategies, templates and models for you to try, then provide feedback and advice on next steps.

Mentoring is often a longer-term relationship and is a more directive approach. As an expert in my field, I am able to offer mentoring support in:

  • teacher development and instructional approaches

  • teacher career development

  • early-career school leadership

  • whole-school professional development in social-emotional learning.

  • appraisal and recruitment 

  • policy development and review

  • community consultation


Coaching and Mentoring can take place online,

and in face-to-face sessions (with additional location costs). 

After meeting with you for a free compatability chat, we will design a programme and schedule that fits your timeframe and budget.

Compatability Chat


In this 20 minute obligation-free online chat we will get to know each other and ensure we have the right connection to create a successful coaching / mentoring relationship. This gives you time to check if I am the right fit for you.

You can use this time to ask me about the difference between the coaching and mentoring  processes, and get to know more about how we can work together to reach your goals. During this chat, I will also explain to you the details of the contractual agreement we may enter and can answer any questions you may have about confidentiality and data protection.

Compatability Chat
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