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Compatability Chat

Single Coaching Session

3-Month Coaching Retainer

Compatability Chat


Single Coaching Session

75 Euro per session

Coaching Retainer

400 Euro

In this 20 minute obligation-free online chat we will get to know each other and ensure we have the right connection to create a successful coaching relationship. This gives you time to check if I am the right coach for you.

You can use this time to ask me about the coaching process, check to see if it is right for you and get to know me as a coach. During this chat, I will also explain to you the details of the contractual agreement we may enter and can answer any questions you may have about confidentiality and data protection.

This is where we do the work of creating change and growth. A single online coaching session takes around 30-45 minutes and (depending on your focus) usually follows a proven formula: 

  • clarify your focus (a question, challenge and/or goal that has you stuck) and define our evidence of success

  • discuss your motivation and the significance of your questions, challenge or goal

  • explore what lies behind your question or challenge, looking for hidden assumptions, uncovering limiting beliefs and discovering your inner resources that could lead us to answers

  • discover, explore and design actions and tactics to realise your goal

  • commit to a change in thought, practice or behaviour

  • check for obstacles to that commitment

  • design accountability strategies

Coaching works best when there is consistent engagement over time, to allow for reflection and time to embed sustainable change and new habits of behaviour and thought. Research shows a minimum period of three months, with two sessions a month, shows the greatest benefits, however our work-plan needs to suit your individual needs and learning style. During your intake appointment we can design how to work together, negotiating number and timing of your coaching sessions.

Once we formalise our coaching relationship, I consider myself 'under retainer' to you - you and your goals will be in my mind regardless of whether we are in session or not, so if I come across any resources, readings or activities I feel you might be interested in I will forward these to you between coaching sessions. Similarly, I love it when clients email me with celebrations of steps they have taken or growth they have made throughout the journey.

Your 3-month retainer fee entitles you to:

  • 2 x Online Coaching sessions per month (max 45 mins): clarifying your focus, discussing what is meaningful about it, exploring options, then making a commitment to action. 

  • 1 x monthly 'urgent moment' call (max 10 mins)

  • Between session preparation/reflection activities, resources and research.

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