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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Online Coaching?

Coaching is a relationship:

tailored to meet your needs and aims

that follows a clear and structured format

focused on the sustainable change you want for yourself 

which connects you consciously with what you feel, know and do

to unlock your true potential on your own terms

Coaching is not:

teaching or consulting, therapy or diagnosis,

a templated list of tasks and advice


During our online coaching relationship, we will meet via Zoom (or your preferred video conferencing tool) on a regular basis that suits your time frame. You will bring me blockages to resolve, projects and plans to develop, and fears to overcome. I won't give answers and advice - instead I will guide you through the process of developing your own understandings by clarifying your thinking and helping you refocus on your goals. Together we will uncover both your limiting and your productive beliefs and habits, and find ways to use your strengths and learning to move you forward. 

How does it work?

Every coaching session is unique because it is based on your questions and reflect where you are at that moment. Possible topics are, for example, navigating change, decision-making, relationship issues, personal wishes and visions as well as development in your private and professional life. There is, however, a basic structure you will come to expect from each session: clarifying your focus, discussing what is meaningful about it, exploring options, then making a commitment to action. To get technical, I am trained in the ITS "Coach Approach" (certified via the International Coaching Federation) and employ NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) techniques.

Our relationship in this coaching process will be characterized by mutual respect, acceptance and trust. As a professional coach, my role is to provide the structure that will bring you clarity, raise your self-awareness and build your confidence. It is also my job to support you and hold you accountable for your goals, thereby increasing your chances of change and success.  I will do this by inviting you to explore new perspectives, reflecting back to you your own thought patterns, and challenging you to think wider and deeper. Your responsibility is to move from awareness to action. Our strong alliance will bring about your success.


What do we do
in a Coaching session?

You and I will have distinct but complementary roles and responsibilities:

I will:

  • Sustain your growth with reflective tasks between each session.

  • Guide and support you through a structured coaching process.

  • Prompt your thinking with powerful questions.

  • Offer support and encouragement, through a genuine belief in you.

  • Help you understand the implications of your ingrained beliefs. 

  • Assist in goal definition and help you plan actions. 

  • Strategise with you to remove obstacles, or work through challenges or fears.

  • Give you space to talk through your thoughts fully.

  • Hold you accountable to what you wish to be accountable for.

  • Acknowledge and celebrate your growth.


You will have a safe environment to allow you to:

  • Become consciously aware of the self-talk that has defined you.

  • Suspend old thinking and action patterns.

  • Get comfortable with discomfort.

  • Open yourself to new insights, ideas, approaches.

  • Commit to the change you want to see in yourself.

  • Make yourself a priority.

  • Celebrate your progress and learn from your setbacks.


Preparing for our work together:

Each session we will check in on the progress you have made toward your goals. A few days before each session I will send you five reflective question prompts to help you think back on what you have achieved since the last session and bring forward anything that might be useful to discuss. 


Your own personal mastery:

Each session we will also check in on other facets of your life. Mastery in each area of your life, personal, professional, and relationships, are all interconnected. Because of that, we will regularly check in on your way of being in the world, as well as the quality of presence you bring into all of your relationships.

What is the ITS Coach Approach?
What does ICF Accredited mean?

The International Teaching Seminar's (ITS) Mastering the Coach Approach programme is an intense coaching mastery training programme designed to advance coaches to the highest philosophical, ethical and competency standards of the International Coach Federation (ICF).  Graduates of the ITS Mastering the Coach Approach programme can gain ICF accreditation after completing the required coaching hours and passing written and oral examinations. 

The ICF philosophy of coaching "honours the client as the expert in his/her life and work, believes that every client is creative, resourceful and capable. Standing on this foundation, the coach's responsibility is to:

  • discover, clarify, and align with what the client wants to achieve,

  • encourage client self-discovery,

  • elicit client-generated solutions and strategies,

  • hold the client responsible and accountable.

ICF Core competencies include:

  • demonstrates ethical practice,

  • embodies a coaching mindset,

  • establishes and maintains agreements,

  • cultivates trust and safety,

  • maintains presence,

  • listens actively,

  • evokes awareness,

  • facilitates client growth.

What is your confidentiality agreement?

The Coach recognises that the Client may have the following: future plans, business affairs, customer lists, financial information, job information, goals, personal information and other proprietary information. The Coach will not at any time, either directly or indirectly use any information for the Coach's own benefit, disclose or communicate in any manner any information to any third party. The Coach will not divulge that the Coach and Client are in a coaching relationship without the permission of the client. The Coach holds to the ethical guidelines as set forth by the International Coach Federation and the GDPR regulations enforced by EU law.

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