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How to win leadership interviews even when you feel “inexperienced”.

Simple strategies that will help you sell yourself as a leader

This is what you get when you sign up:

A set of easy to learn, well known and highly regarded leadership models that I have validated over my past 15  years in education leadership positions. 

The free email mini-course you receive in your inbox will show you how to:

  • Express your ‘personality’ in way that shows you understand your strengths as a leader, you know how to overcome your challenges, and you know how to appreciate the unique characteristics of your colleagues

  • Explain your leadership approach and how you use each of the levels of leadership in a range of situations

  • Confidently outline your next steps as a leader and your game plan for making it happen

  • Describe your approach to teacher-development using the language of coaching

  • Reflect on your strengths so that you can articulate your talents clearly and convincingly in an interview situation

  • Prepare answers (and questions) to use in any school leadership position

Meet Justine

Justine Readings professional development mentoring and coaching for international schools
Justine Readings professional development mentoring and coaching for international schools
Justine Readings professional development mentoring and coaching for international schools

In the past 25 years, I have dedicated my professional life to education: making the most of every possible opportunity and winning interviews for leadership positions in schools, universities and even a national Ministry of Education. By being able to confidently put myself forward I have been honored to lead teams in environments and spaces that I had no previous experience in. Every new role taught me something I took forward, helping me make connections across sectors, across cultures and across continents.

As my experience grew, I started to miss my colleagues in the classroom. I moved into dual leadership roles that gave me a foot in each camp, and that’s where I was reminded of the reality of daily classroom life, and its distance from the leadership meeting room. I saw more and more good teachers ready to move into leadership, yet finding the doors closed. I saw first hand the impact of the lack of diversity in school leadership: a glaring mismatch with the community they lead. I wanted to do something about it. Since then, I've focused on working with teachers one-to-one, helping them realign their career with their goals, and win their dream leadership role.

When you focus so much on a single objective, you inevitably understand it inside out. And if you are an avid reader and knowledge explorer (which I am so lucky to be), you reach mastery quickly.


Over the past years, I've researched a range of leadership models, explored a number of theories of personality and leadership characteristics and have worked with individuals on how to: use their strengths to enhance their leadership style, understand leadership models in action in their own school settings, overcome professional setbacks, and present themselves confidently at leadership interviews. 

With my valued academic background (Masters in Education (Special Education), Bachelors in Primary Education, ICF Certified Coach) added to my sector experience: (including Principal: Semarang Multinational School, Principal: Moriah College, Team Leader: Curriculum, New Zealand Ministry of Education)  I have the experience, knowledge and skills to bring results faster than other coaches and trainers. 

All that gave me an excellent starting point, but I learned the most from my own successes (and the odd ‘mistake’) in real situations throughout my varied career.

And now I want to share with you the priceless lessons that I've learned.

To hold a leadership position in a school is a role of privilege and responsibility. As such, it is a heavily guarded door that is difficult to break through. Unfortunately, while many people knock, they don’t all have the secret words the gate-keepers want to hear before they will open up. It usually all hinges on a well written letter, a carefully crafted CV or the right response to standard interview questions.

I will show you the words to use, the points to cover and the messages to assert so that you can win the role you deserve.

You just need the desire to learn.

Are you ready?
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