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Instructional Coaching 

Instructional coaching teachers internationals schools

Instructional Coaching

Do you want to move your student outcomes to the next level? 

Do you want to help your teachers excel? 

Instructional coaching can take your school performance to the next level.

Instructional coaching is work-embedded professional development on the basis of daily teaching practice covers areas such as behaviour management, planning and content decisions, instructional delivery, formative assessment, collaborative working and parent communication. 


I believe that all teachers have the potential to be great educators, and it is my mission to help them reach this potential. I provide one-to-one instructional coaching for teachers that helps them improve their classroom practice and overall communication skills. I work with teachers of all elementary grade levels and subject areas, through a mix of delivery methods including online private coaching, mentor feedback on video-recorded lessons, provision of professional readings, and small group “Teachers-helping-teachers” sessions. My research-based resources and strategies are tailored to each teacher’s unique needs, to ensure they get support that can be immediately applied to their classroom practice. 

As an instructional coach I will:


  • observe classes in action (either in person or video-recording), and provide specific feedback on target areas. 

  • coach teachers through self-reflective practice and developing the necessary emotional intelligence required to engage in continual growth

  • co-plan lesson ideas and instructional models that helps teachers practise the latest pedagogical approaches in each curricula area

  • develop a personalised professional development plan specific to job description, school growth areas and required competencies.

How it works

Coaching and Mentoring can take place online,

and in face-to-face sessions (with additional location costs). 

After meeting with you for a free compatability chat, we will design a programme and schedule that fits your timeframe and budget.

Compatability Chat


In this 30 minute obligation-free online chat we will get to know each other and ensure we have the right connection to create a successful coaching / mentoring relationship. This gives you time to check if I am the right fit for you.

You can use this time to ask me about the instructional coaching process, and get to know more about how we can work together to reach your goals. During this chat, I will also explain to you the details of the contractual agreement we may enter and can answer any questions you may have about confidentiality and data protection.

Instructional Coaching  works best when there is consistent engagement over time, to allow for reflection and time to embed sustainable change and new habits of behaviour and thought. Research shows a minimum period of three months, with two sessions a month, produces the greatest benefits, however our work-plan needs to suit your individual needs and learning style. During your intake appointment we can design how to work together, negotiating number and timing of your coaching sessions.

Once we formalise our coaching relationship, I consider myself 'under retainer' to you - you and your goals will be in my mind regardless of whether we are in session or not, so if I come across any resources, readings or activities I feel you might be interested in, I will forward these to you between coaching sessions. 

Compatability Chat
Single sesson
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