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Certified Teacher Training in:
Positive Discipline
Restorative Processes


Restorative Processes

Justine Readings professional development mentoring and coaching for international schools

Relational and Restorative Processes

1-Day Workshop

Face to Face 1-Day interactive workshop OR 

Online delivery: 4 x 90 minute sessions. 


Recommended as a whole-school approach, in this one-day course school staff and faculty will gain a thorough understanding of restorative concepts.  Teachers will learn effective Restorative and Relational Processes (RP) and strategies for managing behaviour, building positive relationships and encouraging acceptance of responsibility. When a school engages in RP they can build a stronger community, based on positive relationships, even with challenging students. The school climate is improved, there are fewer disciplinary referrals and increased instructional time.



  • underlying concepts of restorative practices

  • effective strategies for managing behaviour and building students’ sense of collective responsibility

  • exercises for practising restorative techniques

  • videos of actual restorative practices in use

  • discussion topics:

    • participants’ experiences and struggles in their settings

    • connectedness and relationships

    • youth/student engagement

Cost: 400 Euro (max 20 participants)

*Materials included:

  • Teacher Workbook

  • RP Conversation Pocket Cards

  • Certification

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Positive Discipline
Classroom Educator Certification Course:

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Become a Positive Discipline Classroom Educator


2-Day In-person Workshop

6-week online workshop

This interactive workshop is designed for teachers, counsellors, school staff, and administrators who want an effective discipline approach that integrates social and emotional learning while reducing challenging student behaviours. This is a certified course and attendees will receive Positive Discipline Classroom Educator Certification. 


Learning Objectives:

  1. Develop a large teaching toolbox of kind and firm discipline approaches.

  2. Establish explicit classroom structures and procedures.

  3. Create an equitable classroom community based on mutual respect.

  4. Understand the motivation behind students' misbehaviour and how to encourage positive change.

  5. Facilitate effective class meetings teaching social skills and problem-solving.

  6. Learn Positive Discipline/Adlerian Psychology to use in the classroom and school community.

  7. Generate an awareness of cross-cultural issues in facilitating social and emotional learning.

*Materials included:

  • Positive Discipline in the Classroom, The Revised 4th Edition Book

  • Positive Discipline in the School and Classroom Manual - Revised 6th Edition

  • Teacher Tool Cards

  • Certification

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