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Justine Readings creates bespoke professional development courses for international schools, school leaders and teachers.

Professional Development Programmes

For School Leaders, faculty
and school Boards

I specialise in building Customised Professional Development Programmes that are designed to meet the specific needs of your school, leadership team or teachers. I bring my 25 years of experience and expertise, and call on my extensive network of specialists, to help you overcome challenges, meet targets and raise student achievement. I’ll help you grow your school culture and build relationships with your community to ensure your success is sustainable into the future. My programmes are based on the principles of adult learning, coaching and mentoring models, and are tailored to meet your goals, solve your problems and fit your context. You’ll be able to quickly and effectively apply your learning - leading to long-lasting, exponential growth.

My expertise is particularly suited to schools looking to:

  • develop school culture and wellbeing,

  • enhance community relationships,

  • boost teacher performance,

  • increase student success and

  • develop behaviour management policies and protocols

Designed to meet your unique goals

After meeting with you and working through a needs-analysis, I put together a proposal built specifically for your school targets. Whether you would like a whole-school programme, or targeted coaching/mentoring support for individual team members, or some unique combination in-between, I work with you to design a professional development programme that meets the specific needs of your context and budget. 

Programmes can include topics such as:

  • Understanding inquiry-based curricula and pedagogy: planning and assessing inquiry-based lessons.

  • Differentiation: planning lessons that cater for a range of student learning needs.

  • Emotional agility  - EQ as a part of teaching and in decision making, developing intrapersonal knowledge and applying it to personal wellbeing and relationships.

  • Functional teams - Healthy conflict in the workplace.

  • Learning teams - The "teacher helping teacher" approach to build a professional collegial culture and collective responsibility.

  • An introduction to positive psychology based behaviour management programmes, and restorative processes, as a basis for school social-emotional wellbeing and discipline policies.

  • Coaching-training for school leaders and internal teacher-coaches.

  • On demand mentor coaching sessions for internal coaches and school leaders.

  • The development of an ongoing strategic plan for continued professional development.

  • Review, evaluation and consultation on school policies, teacher job descriptions and staff appraisal systems.

  • Data collection, analysis, evaluation and reporting on school-chosen targets.

  • Mentoring on recruitment and induction processes.


Delivery methods include:


  • Private coaching/mentoring sessions (online) for school leaders and/or teachers. 

  • Live workshops (online or face-to-face delivery)

  • Asynchronous “in your own time” online courses 

  • Private teacher observation and coaching sessions (in person) for targeted need or accelerated career advancement. 

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