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6 experienced international school leaders have combined to create the ultimate professional development course for new and aspiring school leaders. 

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How can I help you?

Are you just a bit stuck? There's a change you want to make in your life, and you're not quite sure where to start? Perhaps you've lost your confidence and you need to find your strength again. Maybe you're in transition, moving career, relationship or country? Or is procrastination getting in the way of your success? Let me help you find your pathway, gather your strength and move yourself forward.

Through online one-to-one coaching, I help people who have come to a sticking point in their personal or professional growth. Using questioning and coaching exercises I can help you clarify your goals, develop your action plan and hold yourself accountable for the change you want to create.

As your Coach, I am dedicated to helping you improve outcomes in every area of your life. Nothing helps clarify thinking like talking it through, and clarity comes quickest when the conversation is lead by an experienced listener trained in curious questioning. By giving you the space and structure for reflection, I will help you understand your true goals, help you align your actions with your values, and uncover both your limiting and your productive beliefs.


Together we will grow your inner resources, strengthen your self-belief and healthy habits, and create an action plan that will ensure you succeed. You'll reconnect with what you love about your life, your work and yourself.  My training in the ICF accredited methods of the ITS Coach Approach, along with my use of NLP strategies, act as a positive and creative force that challenges you to move from intention to action.​

I work completely online, at your pace, wherever you are in the world. Choose a one-to-one private session, a three-month package or register your interest in one of my special group-coaching packages - whatever your need, we can make it work for you. 

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Ask all your questions, learn more about me, my process, and how I can help you move forward with your goals. 


Coaching is perfect for people who need focus, an outside perspective and a nudge in the direction YOU want to go. Justine listened to my rambling and disjointed thoughts and honed in on key phrases to help me determine MY next steps. She always asked thought-provoking questions and guided reflection in a productive and positive manner. You’re always in control - she’s never preachy or prescriptive nor does she make assumptions. She’s mastered the perfect balance of accountability with kind support - exactly what you need in a coach!

"I trusted Justine immediately and therefore was able to talk about some deep fears I'd never spoken about before that were blocking me. With her guidance and coaching she helped me understand myself better with insightful questions she asked with true compassion. I am so grateful for her and recommend her highly for anyone interested in personal growth."

Having Justine as my coach for several months has helped me develop my way of thinking or the way I see problems. When I was in a difficult situation, my mind was clouded, and I could not think clearly, and Justine was there to re-direct my thoughts. She helped me focus when I had to make difficult decisions. What I appreciate the most from Justine is that she never makes judgmental statements about you and always tries to understand your situation by ensuring a mutual understanding in every session. 

Justine also provided me with complete guidance on my goals. She helped me reach my full potential because she gave me space to reflect so I could build confidence again, achieve my objectives and find capabilities within myself. Justine also recognised my strengths, and she challenged me with her questions so I could move forward and not just dwell on my problems. That is what makes her an excellent coach. 

"I think I made the biggest shifts around presenting to large groups. This was something that was feeling over-whelming to me and thanks to the coaching we did, I now have this in perspective and am feeling confident in presenting. So much so, that I am currently working on a new presentation which will be executed in front of a large group and I'm planning to develop the presentation further into a publication"




Career transition

At the age of 50, I took a giant leap of faith. After 25 years in the education sector, transitioning in and out of administration, leadership and classroom teaching positions, I began my to shift not only my career, but my entire way of working. I went from a stable income day job (where I was highly experienced) requiring daily face-to-face interactions with many different people,  and adhering to top-down expectations, to an entirely online, work-alone-from-home, create-your-own business world where everything is a brand new learning experience for me, and everything is a risk.  It has been exhilarating, demanding, exhausting and extremely rewarding.  Let me help you find your pathway into a career that will bring you the lifestyle, fulfillment and joy you deserve.


I specialise in working with teachers as these are the professionals I reIate to the best, understand the fullest, and care for the most. I help teachers who are stuck in their practice, seeking a change in their career path, or struggling to maintain their own wellbeing in a profession increasing under pressure. Too often teachers are thought of as mere practitioners -

I believe the 'whole being' of each teacher must be respected, as it is their 'whole being' that brings the classroom to life each day.


As your Coach and critical friend, I will listen with insight and understanding of challenges from your classroom and staffroom and how these challenges impact on your homelife and general wellbeing. Not only will my coaching skills help you work through personal challenges, but I am also able to push your development as an educator through laser-focused questions based on my twenty-five years of experience in education.  The addition of a mentoring layer to your one-to-one coaching will give you access to my continuously growing body of knowledge in pedagogical approaches and my specialist area of social-emotional wellbeing. 


Aspiring & FiRST-TIME SCHOOL Leaders

Are you ready to move out of the classroom and into the realm of leadership? Many teachers have the capability and the drive to lead, but soon discover that leading a classroom of children is very different from leading a staffroom of adults.

Through one-to-one online coaching we can develop your leadership skills by exploring how to build trust as a leader, how to develop your own leadership style, how to motivate others, how to have difficult conversations, how to create a healthy, productive team culture, how to maintain open, growth-focused communication, how to appraise teacher practice and how to give effective feedback. Test your approach to problem solving and conflict resolution in the confidential, open, non-judgmental context of one-to-one coaching.

The addition of a mentoring layer to your leadership coaching will give you access to the latest research and resources in educational leadership.   

January Intake Still Open!

Quick - I have just opened spaces for School Leadership: Mastering the First Year, beginning late Jan 2023.

There are a maximum of 15 participants per semester, so register interest now!


Personal goals &

Just can't overcome procrastination?

Worried you'll never lose that bad habit?

Wish you had a plan, or at least some kind of direction in life?

You're not alone. 

Engage in fulfilling your potential in all aspects of your life; health, wellbeing, relationships, productivity, career satisfaction, financial health and the creation of your ideal future. Together we will clarify your goals, identify your strengths and opportunities, prioritise your next steps and build your accountability strategies. We'll move you from 'stuck' to 'on fire!'.

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